Our Mission

By pursuing our passion for all things good in nature, we’ll create healthy products for our family and yours while developing healthy bees that we can share with others.

My Advice

Pursue your passion, enjoy it and do the best you can, let the honey come later.

The Beginning of Something Sweet

We’re a beekeeping family. That’s not all we do though. My wife and I own a field service company, we’re involved with our community, I teach beekeeping classes across the state and we have four beautiful children. To say the least, we stay pretty busy.

My friends know that I’m one of those guys that move on from hobby to hobby, so it’s no surprise that beekeeping for me started out as a hobby. Soon though, this weekend pastime turned into a passion and an avenue to share my love for the outdoors with my daughters.

Keeping bees isn’t as easy as you might think and the honey doesn’t come right away. A surplus honey is a sign of a strong, healthy colony and a healthy, balanced environment. By cultivating the bees, splitting hives, stealing their honey, etc., we create a somewhat unfair balance for them. They have to do more than just store food for the winter and get by, they have to recuperate from our persistent inspections and recover from food storage losses when we steal their honey. The bees work non-stop, and they leave plenty for us to do.

As you can see beekeeping isn’t one of those things where the rewards are immediate, but we don’t really do this for immediate results. We do this because we love our bees and love working with them. For this reason and the fact that we want to bring to our family table a clean and healthy product, we don’t pour chemicals onto our bees and we don’t dust them for parasites. We raise our bees as naturally as we can and we breed strains of bees that display a natural resistance to parasites without compromising temperament or productivity. The products we make, we use. It’s that simple. The surplus we share with our friends and family with the intent to support our bees and supplement our income, so we can in turn spend more time pursuing our passions.