Start Your Own Colony

Poindexter Family Apiaries is offering a very limited number of Nucleus colonies and open mated queens this season. Our stock is treatment free and grafted from 2nd year, Italian and NWC breeders. Breeder queens are selected for colony temperament, hygienic behavior, parasite resistance, over-wintering ability as Spring build-up.

We've developed our stock through the years with breeders originating from Latshaw, Cobey and the now retired Glenn Apiaries. Queens are open mated in our yard where both Italian and NWC drone colonies are present. The resulting colonies will likely display traits and coloration from both strains.

Live bees are for pick-up only in Conroe, Tx.

Please call or email for more information.
(936) 333-5920

Young Italian Queen - Open Mated with Proven Laying Pattern

Queens grafted from Italian stock are open mated and laying prior to being sold. Italian queens are known for colonies high honey yields, large populations and for quick brood build-up in the early Spring. Italian colonies brood-up when stimulated and are very responsive to warm temperatures and feed stimulation. This allows beekeepers to take advantage of early nectar flows or Spring colony splitting. However, early brood development can lead to heavy consumption of honey/pollen stores which needs to be thoughtfully considered during fall and winter feeding.

Young New World Carnolian (NWC) Queen - Open Mated with Proven Laying Pattern

Queens grafted from our NWC stock are open mated and laying prior to being sold. NWC queens are known for their gentle temperament, parasite resistance, hygienic behavior, and winter hardiness. For beekeepers wanting to tame down their stock as well as improve their wax and propolis production, the NWC queen provides both. NWC queens are a Northern bee and they manage their honey/pollen stores very well. They are slower to respond to feed/temperature stimulation, however this leads to a more stable winter population and therefor a more consistent consumption of stores.

5 Frame Nucleus (NUC) Colonies - with Box

Our 5 frame nucleus colonies come with 2-3 frames of brood, 2 frames of honey/pollen, bees and a laying queen. Colonies will be closed off, with ventilation, the morning of the pick-up date unless an evening pick-up is scheduled. Colonies need to be kept in a cool place out of the sun during transport and the entrance needs to be opened as soon as the colony is placed in your apiary. We also recommend feeding the colony as soon as possible to reduce the stress of transport.